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 updated at 12 Feb 2021
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About Me

Who am I

My name is Ali Zakeri though I prefer to be called Shahin. I am a self-learned full-stack web developer, living in Islamic Republic of Iran and born at Aug 30 1997. I’m currently working for DOURAN group as a full-time web developer. Yet, I am doing a lot more than a typical web dev!

My area of expertise

Since my major is “full-stack web development”, I know HTML5 and CSS3 (well I actually need to! no surprise) and JS for font-end side of stack, and PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite for back-end. All in vanilla! I usually work with [jquery-free] sass-based bootstrap and vuejs for client, and Laravel for apache or nginx server.

But it’s not limited to them, I know how to get things done using Apache Cassandra, Elasticsearch, Nodejs, Python, shell scripts, C++ and JAVA. And I am novice to MongoDB, GraphQL, Docker, Swagger, Ansible, Rust, Golang and Haskell.

I’m a vim nerd, a git pro, an expert linux user, a senior software architecture and a low-paced junior sysadmin as well.

My education

I was an Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran polytechnic) student as a mining engineering student, from 2015/1394 to 2019/1397. Well, everyone would make mistakes! So I quitted (like a shot!) and joined Karaj Islamic Azad University as a part-time computer engineering student. Vaiola!